Need-to-know tips for the world of coupons


Whether you’re new to budgeting or are experienced at saving money, the world of coupons can be intimidating. There’s a ton of lingo, policies vary from store to store, and it’s sometimes challenging to tell whether or not you’re actually getting a good deal.

Fortunately, with a little bit of research and preparation, using coupons to save serious cash isn’t all that difficult. Use these essential tips to get started with couponing for big savings on everything from snacks to toothpaste.

Before beginning your coupon journey, make a list of the items you regularly buy in your household to figure out where you can save the most cash. There’s no need to include things like produce, which rarely are coupon eligible, but it’s possible to find steep discounts on everything from frozen food to toothpaste.

Each store handles coupons a little bit differently, and it’s important to know the policies before you go. Some grocers will double the face value of a coupon, while others will price-match competitors. Do a little online research to find your store’s policy to ensure that you don’t waste time or money in search of coupons that won’t actually save you any cash.

Sometimes, it’s the stores that you don’t shop at that boast the best deals. You may usually buy laundry detergent at the grocery store, but it’s possible that a drugstore like CVS or discount retailer like Dollar General could have the best price on your preferred brand. That being said, it usually doesn’t make sense to drive out of the way to save a couple of dollars

If clipping physical coupons seem like too much work, you can still take advantage of digital coupons. The app is home to hundreds of digital coupons and discounts, while cash-back programs like Ibotta can offer some savings on the items you already buy. Most grocery stores also have their own apps with store and manufacturer coupons, plus loyalty cards, built right in.